We are Deon and Reni - a South African/Dutch couple about to move to Adelaide, Australia. We met in Cape Town, South Africa at a photo studio back in 2008 while Reni studied documentary photography and Deon assisted commercial photographers. By the end of 2011 we photographed our very first wedding together and have done so ever since.

Who are we and what are we about?

We are incredibly down to earth and and have a real interest in getting to know people hence we love photographing weddings as we can integrate in all sorts of different families. Our photography is also all about people, we only shoot with 35mm lenses so we get up close, but at the same time we work in an unobtrusive manner to be able to capture what is really happening around us. We’re looking for moments when everything in a photograph falls into place, so please do have a good look at our work because what you see is what you get. We draw our inspiration from documentary photographers and not from the wedding industry. We’re not looking for the generic shots, we’re not trying to make a photograph extra romantic, we’re searching for something more interesting instead and try to capture that piece of life which is happening in front of our eyes. Always looking for that connection between people and trying to create good honest photographs that evoke emotions for years to come.

We're excited to tell your story, if you like that idea - please get in touch by sending us a message.