In some strange way our very different lives entangled. It took big decisions, a flight across the globe, photography assisting, a party, mom's phone call at exactly the right time, lust for travel and exploration, good waves, African sunsets, Lou Reed's song 'Walk on the Wild Side', and playing backgammon in the Transkei.
And that's how we fell in love.

We try to live fully. Learn everyday, read books and the news, get inspired by other documentary photographers, hopefully get better at cooking. Hike up big mountains and pick avocados from the tree. We've made amazing memories by taking 9 months off in 2016 to travel and cycletour through Japan, Scotland and New Zealand

Being a part of weddings makes us feel like we are part of making a little history. Weddings are one of those days where humans are at their best. The day is filled with so many emotions; anticipation and nervousness, joy and love, overwhelming feelings of gratitude - and it always ends up in an ecstatic party. We try to absorb it all and capture not only what we see, but also attempt to capture what we feel. Always looking for that connection between people and try to create good honest photographs that evoke emotions for years to come.

We're excited to tell your story, if you like that idea - please get in touch by sending us a message.




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We are based in Cape Town, South Africa & Europe. But you will also often find us in Australia or other parts of the world. 

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